You Found Me

You walked along and you found me.
You trampled down the path to my door
and made the sun shine through.
I want to fade into you.
Just wander aimlessly through your veins.
Spend my life exploring your body.
Until we become one person.
Living off our happiness and your soft repose.

At night when thoughts of you are
running through my head, I open my
window and let the cool air run it's
hands through my hair.
Staring at the moon makes me miss you more.
I wonder if you are looking up at just that moment.
Feeling tears come to my eyes
I blow a kiss to the sky and wish for just one wish.
That my gentle breeze will wind it's travels
towards you and plant my kiss upon your
sweet lips as you sleep.
And I leave it to my dreams to hold me warm.

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