Currently I live in the top apt in the corner. But in the next few weeks I will be moving to the one below it. I am TIRED. SICK AND TIRED of my bedroom roof leaking. Everytime it rains it leaks on me. Then my bedding, mattress, and carpet get soaked and I not only get sick but I have to spend time and money washing everything.
So I am moving.
It's a good thing. My apt will stay cooler in the summer being on the bottom. (If I'm still here.) I will get to repaint things different colors. I will clear out some clutter. Hopefully I will utilize space better. PLUS my front door will open onto a wider patio and I will have a tree, and a few bushes. Plus a small spot to do some planting if I wish. So I am happy about that.
There were two other two bedroom apts available in my building only they overlooked the main road, train tracks and the other complex and parking lot. I need a View. If I have to live in an apt I need a view of trees and grass. It's the only thing that keeps me sane. I would be perfectly content to live in the middle of nowhere, with lots of trees. But alas I don't get to yet.
So what am I sacrificing to keep my view? Two weeks of hard labor. The new apt is NASTY. Actually...nasty is putting it mildly. It's unliveably gross. Seth thought it was gross! Which means it's REALLY bad if he noticed it. (I had to put that in there so that Nikki wouldn't say that everything is gross according to my standards. lol!)
But...once I am done the place will be AMAZING!
I am taking my stove, fridge and dishwasher with me. I will put down my new hardwood floors that I bought months ago and have had sitting in the closet all this time. I have already figured out what to do to get rid of some of the clutter from my bedroom without sacrificing storage.
And I have been scouring craigslist to find a Computer hutch, and a standing dresser to save on space too!
I spent two hours at Home Depot coming up with ideas as well. And I am going to have window boxes. Because I really need plants. I have my prayer plant in the kitchen, which I do love, but I want to see flowers....OH! I have some more pictures to share.....

Home Depot had beautiful flowers! Fire and Ice Roses (My fave!!!) Teacup roses, red tulips and orchids. They were all so heavenly! I adore teacup roses though. I hope they will still be there in a week or so cause I am gonna buy one or two. Last month I found the cutest flower pot at Walmart. It was shaped like a tea cup and the catchall was the tea cup plate. It was so adorable! How cute would it be to put teacup roses in a teacup flower pot? Too cutesy? lol I don't care.
But seeing those flowers really made my day!

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