Colors. Perfectly blending as time passes by.
The glorious sun, sinking into the open field before
our sleepy eyes, surrendering to the darkening sky.
Chills crawl up my spine as the night rolls behind the setting sun,
settling in my strong bones.
One last moment of dazzling awe,
like a flame extinguishing,
the night takes over for the second shift.
New sources of light appear immediately,
ripping like giant lightening bugs through the black scenery.
Nocturnal creatures scatter from the intensity of this brilliant light,
running for home among the dark abyss.
Roars of machinery echo from field to field,
letting all know their presence.
Stars shine brightly, high in the sky,
waiting for someone to gaze at them all night.
The magnificent moon hangs low in the sky, full,
with a spooky yellow tint.
On this occasion, the trees seem to have a haunted look upon them.
Two enormous machines roam within the night continuously loud.
They hastily work, harvesting tomatoes.
Through the night, they continue to work hard,
finishing up as much as they can.
Time passes by, stars dance across the sky,
and work slows to a stop.
The large pools of light from the machines extinguish,
allowing the dark to engulf the night.

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