Deadly Beauty

Hope follows her, glistening like a shadow in the rain.
But she never pays it any attention.
To never know her lilting voice
would be as a poem written without love.
Some have tried to pull the rainbows from her eyes,
but the ripped seams ate them alive.
~So fragile for one so deadly~
A bouquet of sun kissed roses splashes across her lips
like waves in a storm.
A brush, dipped in the ice from the moon paints her
lids as cool as her heart.
She could freeze you with the twinkle in her eye,
but she'd rather not take the time.

"Beautiful little fairy, with your warm smile, I want to put you in a bottle so that I may admire your silky wings without damage to my heart. Your world is such a fragile place, cracking like glass along the edges. You are doomed to float along this world in a haze of breathless admirers."

Perfect crystal icicles dance in her heart.
"What would melt your icy touch? You carry with you the fragrance of pain. The mild smell of decay and broken hearts. You are so untouchable, my little being. But why are you loving the reaper?"

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