What have we found?

What have you done to me, silly boy?
Part of my once upon a time,
you were only ever in my memories.
But now here you are. And I almost can't believe it.

How could we have known that first kiss would be our only?
I was so sure we had many more to come.
-Years together to love.-
I left and never knew.
Oh how different things would be!
And now all we have to show is years apart and
a longing for what was.

~ I sound like a sad song.~

So many feelings I'm trying to express and don't know how.
Better people have said them already.
So many things I keep to myself
in case you turn out to be just a sweet dream.

~What a difference a day makes.~

Oh I feel like crying!
I've spent my whole life wanting a love that I can
count on. Something steady that I can believe in.
I want to put my heart in yours,
But I am so scared.

Can you find real life changing love that young? Is it really able to hold on for this long?

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