Can you ever go back?

Recently I have found a long lost friend. It's been ten years since we have talked or seen each other...which seems like a life time ago, even though some memories are very clear still.
It's so nice though to have someone who remembers me. Although...the person they describe doesn't sound familiar. I was a choir geek my freshman year. And I was an oddity. I had lived in California my whole life and then freshman year I found myself in a teeny tiny town in Oklahoma.
lol I stuck out like a pink elephant in a room full of zebras!
But I have wonderful memories of that year, and I made some amazing friends too.

Looking back though makes you think of all the what ifs. It makes you think of what you wanted back then...and wonder why you didn't get it. It's made me want to change a lot of things in my life.
It's also made me really miss my home. I want to go visit really bad. Not to see my no no no. But to see old friends and familiar places and remember when I felt happy all the time.

I don't know if you can ever really go back home or not....God knows I have tried! lol But maybe you can add your past to your future......
Time to do some more thinking I think!

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