Monday Monday

Yesterday was a bad day for me for some reason. I didn't wake up till eleven, which is not good. But then I had no energy. My eyes started to ache like they do if my mold allergy is acting up, so I took an allergy pill...which only furthered my resolve to go back to bed.

I had all of these projects that I wanted to tackle! But when I saw that I needed to re-fold some laundry and do a mess of dishes from the weekend...I got so overwhelmed. (Stupid!) I called Seth and he came home from work for the day to help me out. We got more done than I could have believed! He cleaned the whole kitchen, helped me rearrange the living room, I cleaned out and organized our closet and the hall closet, and got a bunch of stuff up for sale on craigslist. It was really nice!

The only thing I didn't do....I am a HUGE book collector. And I have all of my books organized by author and type on my shelves. And I recently noticed that I have books missing!!! Some since I was a teenager. They are not books I would have lent out. Some are the ending book or the beginning book of a series. Some were books that were over a hundred years old. I am so so so upset about this! Especially since I tore a part the only places they could have been yesterday but to no avail.

I am very worried about those books.

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