I shot the sheriff.

So I had a manic day today and was cleaning very odd things.
Well....today was laundry day, and even though I had slept like crap, I always love laundry day! I washed everything...Towels, clothes, sheets, pillows, throw blankets, the dog....EVERYTHING! (Since we live in an apt we only get to do laundry at the laundry mat every other week when Seth gets paid)
But for some reason it was the little odd things that caught my attention. The worst one ended up being fatal.
I HAD to clean the keyboard. It was dusty and kinda sticky and my microfiber cloth would not get far enough into the crevices. So I took off all of the keys and soaked them and then washed down the inside of the keyboard. I remembered, mostly, which keys went where. I did have to have Nik email a pic of a keyboard. But for some reason a good bunch of keys would not work afterwards!
lol THANKFULLY one of my best guy friends is a Computer Tech and loves me to death, and knows how crazy I am, and was already coming to my house to spend the weekend with us, so he brought me a new keyboard. And of course it is way better than my old one.
lol He just laughed at me and asked me not to kill this one too!
lol I am loved!
Now I have a house full of friends, and we are all making plans to go garage saling and antique shopping tomorrow.
One more thing.
Seth was a MAJOR sweetie and bought me some new towels last night from Target. They were so fluffy and this beautiful steel gray color...so I washed them today to make sure I wouldn't get covered in towel fuzzies when I used them...and of course whomever had the washer before me had used gobs of bleach so now my lovely new towels are covered in orange stains.

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