Ok So I have now been on the medicine for 2 weeks. There is quite a bit to say and also not much at all. LOL that sentence really sums up the last two weeks. I feel fine. The one thing I don't like is that I lose track of my thoughts.(It makes my day dreaming VERY hard) I am feeling like Nikki!! I will be cleaning the kitchen and the next thing I know I am cleaning the vacuum and I have no idea how I got there but the water in the kitchen sink is still on. (At least I am still cleaning.)
Sometimes I still get dizzy. Especially if I close my eyes for a few seconds and then open them again.
I don't have the "I don't care" feeling that I did when I was on Prozac. Except that since I am not constantly stressing about my house being cleaned and sanitized it's sort of going to pot most of the time.
It really seems to block the things I stress over. And then when I don't stress over them I forget/don't think they are very important.
It's weird to look at the things I stress out about. Cleaning my house, Sunscreen, Washing my face every night, dusting my house, trimming Caden's finger nails, bleaching the front porch, Seth's surgery incisions......Yeah the list really could continue...but the point is that since I am not CONSTANTLY stressing myself out to the point of depression these things have all tended to not get done. Until last night when I realized what was going on and started to get myself back on track.
Tonight I have a 2 hour Phone interview for a depression study that Stanford is doing. And tomorrow I have another DOC app. I think he is going to double the medication dosage per day. I don't mind that...however the first week or so if I didn't take the pill at close to the same time as I had the day before I would get huge head aches.
Ok so remember my earlier sentence..."There is much to say and not much at all." Well I knew I had a lot to say...as you can see. But I didn't think that there was anything important. That's why I hadn't written anything in a while about my depression. lol Funny.

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