The Song That Kills time.

As I slowly descend a stairway of air,
I am begining to feel the crescendo of dawn's approach. A whirlwind of sand tickles my skin,
as I stop to contemplate the change.

I hear the chorus of the tide as it slaps and pulls at the rock. Slowly conforming it into anothers design.

It's a song that kills time.

It's the moment where the stars are turning their back to us, and the sun is soaring through the pristine blanket of night. I'm begining to feel at one with the earth.

The grey matter rolling into my toes; the wind combing my hair with it's grainy fingertips.

I am at home with the ocean. I know it's secrets, and I'll test it's strengths. I want to sing it's song.

The Song That Kills time.

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