More Depressing Depression talk.

Depression is a Cruel Intruder. It comes into your life without warning and takes over everything. Someone once described Depression as "Having a terrible pain without knowing where the pain is located, fear without knowing why and, worst of all, absolutely no desire to talk about it."
You can take medicine, make lifestyle changes, see a therapist and yet it is still something that you can only deal with day to day.
One of the things that helps me is "People Watching". To some extent it gets me out of my own head. I focus on other people instead of myself. and I can then get some relief. Sometimes it's watching people at the park while Caden is playing. Driving around town watching people while Caden munches a Happy meal in his booster seat. Going to the mall and sitting in the food court with a book. If I can't hear what other people talk about then I sit with a writing book and make up my own stories and conversations for them. Sometimes these little things are all it takes to pull me up out of my funk for a day.
I know too that the more I get outside helps as well. Gotta get that Vitamin K! If I swim or take a walk or just darken my tan that all helps too. Plus when Caden gets sun and exercise he sleeps better at night.
Making sure I get out of my house, even if it's just to take a ride in the car, really gets me out of my head and reduces my depression and anxiety.

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