So it's 10:30 pm Pacific time and Caden is in bed and Nik went to bed an hour ago (we are in different time zones) and Seth is playing video games with Paul and I am BORED OFF MY BUTT! So I decided to write more in my blog....Usually writing is not a problem for me but I am in the oddest mood. Since about 5:30 pm I have been super grumpy and irritable. I had a few cysts on my ovaries in the early afternoon ( I have PCOS...PAINFUL!!) and usually that leaves me tired out of my mind and either ready to cry at the drop of a hat or ready to cut heads off of anyone who looks at me sideways. (Yes I know...You're now thinking sympathetic thoughts for my dear loved ones) Anywho either way...I can't think of much emotional things that I want to write about.
Except for my dear Pooch...Taicie. Taicie is part Jack Russel, part Wiener dog, part miniature beagle and part miniature rat terrier. She just turned 4 in April. Laugh if you will but it makes for one great dog.
Taicie only shares our life with one other animal. A loud mouthed seal point Siamese named Lilly. Taicie spends most of her day laying in the sunny spots around the couch, eating whenever she pleases, being petted almost non stop, constantly being fed treats, and snuggling under the blankets with us all night.
Some of her weird quirks are not eating when she is being watched, refuses to eat for days on end if we bring another dog home, snorting, havin bad dreams, getting INCREDIBLY constipated at random, she NEVER barks unless she is being wrestled with, she also likes to wrestle. She hates water, but is at least kind enough to stand completely still for the duration of bath time. She also has the largest nipples you will ever see on a dog. People ask me all the time if she has just had puppies. But no. she goes into heat, and sometimes even lactates. But try as I may she won't get pregnant.
She has been the best dog for my son, even though she can't stand children. All of our friends love her and we all talk about her and to her just as if she was a little fuzzy person.
Oh...and she LOVES to wear clothes. To the disgruntlement of my husband. But she really does. Sometimes when it is cold outside she will grab this little pea coat that I made her, so that she can pee and be warm.
She really is the best dog. And I love her to pieces.

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